Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Open Letter to Fred Heads from a Paul Supporter

This is from a Ron Paul supporter that had Fred Thompson as his #2 choice:

Here is my olive branch to those Fred Heads out there.
Many have gone with Fred because he was on a platform of a strong border and military.

Ron Paul wants to keep America sovereign just like Fred, secure the borders, and build up our military defenses here in the states. Let's put our border guards back on OUR border and stop protecting the interests of Saudi Arabia!

We need a strong economy to fight the Chinese, who the real war is on. The Chinese have loaned us so much that if they were to call in on those loans we may as well all be carrying around little red books. Yes, it's the Communists that are the real enemy, and we must fight to keep liberty's torch aflame.

Though Paul supporters and Fred supporters may have been critical of each other, it is time we unite to fight the real enemy.
I know that the media has marginalized Thompson the minute he stepped into the ring, and I commend Fred for calling out Huckabee for the Liberal Democrat he is. Fred was, in my opinion, one of the real straight-talkers. Yes, some Paul supporters are a little exuberant, but so are many political supporters. One reason is because Paul is so open and has his information out there on the internet why he's become so popular. Don't believe the media, you didn't when they talked about Fred's laziness.

Pro-Amnesty McCain is no ally to our nation's sovereignty.

Romney is attempting to buy his way to the Presidency, and was once called "just slightly to the left of Kennedy"

Huckabee wants to use your tax dollars to pay for illegal’s to get an education.

Giuliani is done for, and has his obvious reasons why he's not qualified for Presidency.

So who's left?

Ron Paul is, he will be strong for our national security because he'll actually make sure our borders are secure. He'll also work to end birthright citizenship. If we brought our troops home to rebuild our domestic military bases it would not only improve our readiness, but it will boost our dwindling economy. The military bases that asshat Clinton closed destroyed many small businesses that relied on the military populace for income.
I saw it first hand when they closed down base where I used to live in Pennsylvania. Let’s rebuild our troops, and save our economy at the same time.

With that being said, thank you for your consideration, and be sure to visit ronpaul2008.com for more information.

If this comes down to convention, my guess is that it will end with Romney and Ron Paul, and Romney is a Democrat in a Republican's clothing.